About Richmond Resale

richmond-resale-frontRichmond Resale isn't like all of the other shops in town. We currently do not pawn or consign. We are a true resale shop. So bring in your trinkets and treasures; we will do the research and give you a true value. If you are looking to sell your silver, gold, coins, flatware, candelabras, or antiques that you have, stop and see Dean. He will evaluate your items and give you a fair price that may surprise you.
You will find, Richmond Resale is not just another resale shop. This store in itself is a treasured antique.
At Richmond Resale we buy-sell-trade gold, silver, coins, jewelry, pocket watches, wrist watches, military memorabilia, vintage glassware, instruments, books, antiques, collectibles, and entire estates. We have
the experience and expertise to evaluate even the rarest of finds. Don’t be afraid to bring in your treasure large or small. So stop by Richmond Resale and see our knowledgeable and polite staff led by Dean. You will find, Richmond Resale is not just another resale shop. This store in itself is a treasured antique.

In need of a cash infusion? Richmond Resale is able to help. We offer onsite bids of your household contents and storage items. We are bonded, licensed, and insured for Estate Purchasing.
Owner Dean Vandenhoy of Richmond Resale has been buying, selling, trading and collecting thousands of items for more than 12 years. With three years under his belt, the ball keeps rolling with even more interesting items coming through the door every day. There are so many unique items that you have to see for yourself! Antique experts and collectors often stop by to catch up on newly acquired memorabilia.
Now it's your turn to share your love and passion for antiques with Dean. Come in and browse the store. It’s always a learning experience as you may learn facts about your treasures you may have never known. You
never know  when you'll find your perfect treasure! More than 100 years ago Richmond Resale stood as a community grocery store. Today it stands as a resale shop still serving the Appleton Community.

Aspiring coin collectors may be surprised by what they find in their possession. Buffalo nickels, wheat pennies or even a vintage 1894 silver dollar may be in your humble jar of change. Once you find a magical piece that sparks your interest, you may get the itch to start collecting coins and paper money. Dean and his team are passionate about collecting coins and want to help jump start your hobby. Dean would like to start a new generation of collectors, so kids under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Get a FREE buffalo nickel while they last. Did you know The Morgan Silver Dollar was the first dollar minted after the legalizing of silver sets by the Congress. The Morgan represents the best in silver coin manufacturing at its time. Minted in the late 1800’s early 1900’s, this coin is the most valuable of the silver coins in the United Stated. The Morgan Silver Dollar is almost 27 grams and is minted in 90% silver and 10% copper. Compared to the coins we have now. The Morgan is quite large, measuring at 1½ inches! This coin was minted from 1878 – 1904, then again in 1921. If you want to see one up-close, come on down! You may find a treasure on your way out. You can get cash for gold and silver coins, antiques and collectables. Customers appreciate Dean because he is fair and informative. “I have a lot of patience which you must have when dealing with coins and collectables” said owner Dean Vandenhoy, “Prices are down in some areas. However, I do a lot of research to get you the best possible price. Sometimes it’s all about getting things into the hands of people that will most enjoy them or make history a part of their collection.”